my name is sophie???

let's be friends

1) People are dancing and the room is shaking but I am still. I feel nothing but you.

2) I used to drown myself in my own blood every night and now my scars are laced up tightly like a bow on a present. I guess we all break our bad habits eventually, so I understand why you stopped calling.

3) Your kisses never tasted like galaxies and his make me feel like I have universes inside of me but I think I want to go back home.

4) Being with you felt a lot like standing on the railroad waiting for the train to come. I don’t know why I was so surprised when it finally hit me.

5) The sand on your lips crept into the cracks in mine and I guess that’s how you managed to linger with me long after you left.

6) In eighth grade we took a class trip to Washington D.C and it was fun but I don’t ever want to go back and I think that’s how you feel about me.

7) A great majority of the universe is made up of dark matter - things we will never understand, and I thought you were different. I thought you were different.

—   7 things I would’ve told you if my lips had stopped trembling long enough for me to speak (via lamebby)

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Nat Finkelstein, Retna Ltd., March 1966

Girl in silver dress at Betsey Johnson’s party at Paraphernalia to celebrate her designs and staged by Andy Warhol with a performance by the Velvet Underground.

do u know the things i would do to attend that party

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"Stagnation and movement as opposing forces form a fundamental motif that recurs in many of my works." Lonnie van Brummelen

Lonnie van Brummelen, movistar (1999) 

film (16 mm), kleur

All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox.
Rabo Art Collection

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